Sheer Curtain Overlays $29.00
Be creative with these curtain overlays and add a little more visual interest to your final images!

Add the look of sheers and windows to your backlit images!

Included are 7 sheer curtain overlays to add to your existing images. (includes horizontal, vertical, plain white, crops that included floor and a warm toned overlay)

*These sheers are all back lit sheers to be used ideally with back lit images. There are no side lit sheers included in this pack (see the Wood Floor pack for those)

These overlays are for use in Photoshop. You should have a basic to moderate understanding on the use of layers and masking in Photoshop to use these overlays

These overlays generally work best when matched with similarly toned/exposed images...but they can also be customized with the use of adjustment layers to suit your images! Use the different tools in Photoshop to adjust the tones and brightness of your overlays for a customized look! Also experiment with different blending modes when applying them (my favourite is the multiply mode!)

These are high resolution files so please be patient with the download if you have a slower internet connection.

By purchasing this product you agree to use them for your own personal work and to NOT RESELL them or SHARE them in any way or form.

Due to the download nature of this product there are no refunds.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

© Shelly Ferguson
Total Price: $29.00
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