Creating a Faux White Room $29.00
I get asked all the time about my 'white room' images... I do not have an all white studio. I do not shoot natural light with a window. I create the illusion of it all with a few simple items and ONE strobe!

In this video I share a few tips and tricks in creating the look of a naturally lit room with a window.... in a studio setting no window light or real white walls.

This is *not* a posing or editing video (although editing is briefly discussed while viewing some SOOC images.)

This video demonstrates one way you can create the look of a white bright window lit room where one doesn't exist.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars (that means the US price is less after the conversion ;) )

*IMPORTANT* By purchasing this video you agree to NOT SHARE, TEACH OR RESELL it in any way. It is for your own personal use.

Due to the download nature of this product there are no refunds.

© Shelly Ferguson
Total Price: $29.00
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